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For over 29 years Plant Biz has been supplying their unique plant range for residential landscapes across Australia.

Specialising in the production of advanced plants our product range can be broadly defined by: Hedging/Screening, Topiary and Specimen. A rigorous selection process has defined our species list based on strength of resilience, character and performance.

The uniqueness of our growing location in terms of climate and water quality coupled with proven European growing techniques allows us to produce plants that are of incomparable quality and well prepared to thrive in their new location.

Our product range is grown to set specifications, which allows control of quality and a supply of consistent plant stock to the market.

Plant Biz currently holds 40,000 inground plant specimens in our 30 acre Peats Ridge property just 30 minutes from Hornsby.

We also offer a contract growing service to facilitate your longer term scheduled projects.

Please enquire about our super advanced ex-ground stock and find out more about our specialist contract growing service.